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These are the least-liked photos on Instagram

These are the least-liked photos on Instagram

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Sometimes you win at Instagram, and sometimes you lose. These are the losers.

It's a live feed of the least-liked pictures on Instagram, dubbed No Likes Yet and built by Daniël Sumarna, Tal Midyan and Tim Hettler. Generally, you can tell why the posts didn't take off, whether it's bad lighting, weird angles or just a bizarre sense of when it's appropriate to selfie. If you see anything that's actually good, you can give out a Like directly from the site, rescuing it from Instagram purgatory — but most of these are here for a reason. Think of it as a learning experience, figuring out what not to do. (You can also see your friends' least-liked photos, or your own, if you want to get super-critical.) A quick sampling...

Maybe not your best angle.

This is unfair to your child.

Light sources, bro.

Honestly what was he trying to accomplish here.

Okay I take it back, this one is actually kind of cool.