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Feast your eyes on KFC Japan's fried chicken keyboard, mouse, and USB stick

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KFC Japan

Greasy food and computers usually don't mix well, but KFC Japan has an innovative new solution: computer peripherals shaped to look just like fried chicken, or at least a rough approximation. The company is holding a contest to attract more followers on social media, and these plastic works of genius are the rewards. We're gonna say that the mouse looks as much like an alien larva as a drumstick, but an entirely unique and amazing artifact nonetheless.

There is but one, ONE, of the keyboard, mouse, and USB stick available for three lucky winners. There are 47 pairs of Kentucky fried chicken earrings — 3D printed of course — up for grabs as a consolation prize.

I don't speak Japanese, so I'm relying on Google translate here, but it seems like all you need to do in order to enter is follow KFC Japan on Twitter and tweet at them with the hashtag "#KFC Colonel's Day". You can tweet to the contest as many time as you like, but need to come up with something original to say each time. The Japanese text is below, please hit me up with if I mucked up the rules or if you have a better translation.

The Keyboard


USB Stick