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Verizon's internet TV service coming in mid-2015, may let you pick only channels you want

Verizon's internet TV service coming in mid-2015, may let you pick only channels you want

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Verizon's internet-based TV service will arrive sometime in mid-2015, CEO Lowell McAdam said today. And apparently the company is finding broad support for its effort. At that time, consumers will be able to subscribe to a programming bundle that includes the big four networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC), and also "custom channels." McAdam didn't expand on this much, according to Deadline, but he gave a nod to "very exciting" programming like DreamWorks Animation's AwesomenessTV, which will presumably factor into Verizon's plans.

There's even better news, though. At least for, it sounds like Verizon doesn't want to overwhelm customers with hundreds of channels they have zero interest in ever watching. "Everyone understands it will go to a la carte," McAdam said. That might sound surprising coming from the boss of the company behind Verizon FiOS, which is just like any other traditional cable company when it comes to programming choice.

But moving pay-TV (or something resembling it) to the internet calls for a different approach, McAdam said. "The question is what does that transition look like," he added. Verizon picked up the scraps for its internet TV project from Intel, which abandoned plans to launch its own platform after struggling to bring in the popular content people do want to see. But those same content providers are now changing their tune, according to McAdam. "Over the last six months to a year that dialogue has changed dramatically." We still need to hear far more about what Verizon, Sony, and other companies have planned to know whether "internet TV" will become the cord cutter's dream, but it's sounding pretty good as of today.