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MIT is holding hackathon to make a breast pump that doesn't suck

MIT is holding hackathon to make a breast pump that doesn't suck

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MIT is putting its considerable might behind a problem that many mothers would agree needs solving: the breast pump. Yes, the university is holding a particularly focused hackathon aimed at making the breast pump "not suck." On September 20th and 21st, parents, hackers, nurses, lactation experts, public health professionals, and really anyone interested can meet at the MIT Media Lab to help solve the breast pump's many problems.

As it says on the hackathon's official site:

The motor is loud. There are too many parts. They are hard to clean. You can't lay down and pump. There is no good space to pump. It's hard to keep track of what you pump. Your colleagues think pumping is weird. People are skeeved out by breastmilk. People are embarrassed by breasts.These problems might not be solved in one weekend, but apparently it's an ongoing concern for MIT — this is already the second breast pump hackathon the university has hosted. The first took place this past May, and it sounds like this will probably not be the last. Between 60 and 80 people are expected to attend the event, up from the 20 who made it to the first hackathon. MIT is also encouraging other groups to hold their own remote events, as well.