New trailers: 'The Homesman,' 'The Walking Dead,' 'Fury,' and more


Another week, another set of trailers. This week we've got documentaries, a thriller, and a bunch of dramas — just what you'd expect as we start heading into the end of the year. There's eight below, and they're all worth watching if you want to know what's coming up in the months ahead.

The Homesman

This looks like one gorgeously shot western — just tell me you don't want to see more of those yellow plains and blue skies. Starring Hilary Swank and Tommy Lee Jones (who also directs), The Homesman, is meant to be a feminist take on the usually macho (and not to mention classically racist) western. Early reviews are mixed on whether it actually accomplishes that, though. You'll be able to see it beginning November 14th.

The Boy Next Door

This trailer is normal for a really long time and then quickly, suddenly, gets super crazy. The Boy Next Door is a thriller that has Jennifer Lopez playing a teacher whose brief tryst quickly escalates into a totally nuts dude trying to ruin her life and maybe kill her family. It'll be released January 23rd.

The Walking Dead

They may have survived this far, but it's still hard to say that things are looking very good. The Walking Dead returns to AMC for its fifth season on October 12th, and everything we've seen so far makes it look like it's going to kick off with an intense start.


It's no simple matter trying to protect mountain gorillas in the Congo, to say the least of it. At the Virunga National Park, the interests of conservationists, oil companies, and local militias are butting head, and the land's fate has been swept up in the mix. Virunga saw a lot of acclaim off of festival screenings, and it's coming to Netflix on November 7th.

Print the Legend

The 3D printing space is growing and growing, and it's poised to quickly change the face of how individuals and companies create things. The technology isn't ready for anything and everything quite yet, but a number of small names are trying to get it there — and the film Print the Legend catches up with them to document the journey. It'll be on Netflix September 26th.


Fury is looking better with every trailer. The World War II film is led by Brad Pitt, and while that may sound like something you've seen a hundred variations on before, this one is supposed to be truly rough and ugly, depicting just how nasty things were both for Allied soldiers and from them. It hits theaters October 17th and opens internationally on the 22nd.


For a movie that involves a fictional version of Daft Punk, I don't know how Eden has made a trailer this boring. That said, you should still check it out: Eden traces the roots of DJ culture and France's electronic music scene in the ’90s. That sounds awesome — so we're at least willing to give this film another look.