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Nikon joins the selfie camera craze

Nikon joins the selfie camera craze


Will anyone swap their phone's front camera for the Coolpix S6900?

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Camera makers are really into pumping out "selfie" cameras these days. Put an okay sensor in a portable camera, toss in a tilting, touchscreen LCD, add a few Instagram-like photo filters, and you've pretty much arrived at the standard formula. Nikon is the latest company to claim it's mastered the selfie cam with its new Coolpix S6900. It features a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor paired with a 12x optical zoom lens that'll fit all of your friends into group shots thanks to its wide-angle coverage (25-300mm).

Is there room for a dedicated camera between your selfies and Instagram?

There's also a built-in stand so you can put the camera down, walk away, and activate the shutter with hand gestures. Usually that sort of thing brings mixed results, so hopefully Nikon's system will accurately pick up those gestures so you're not flailing your arms about in public. The Coolpix S6900 also looks a bit odd set up this way, but the stand's more of a "nice that it's there" feature than anything else.

Nikon's tossed in plenty of photo effects, naturally. There are 33 in all, including standards like toy camera, and also some collage modes that will piece together images to simulate what you'd get from a 20mm lens. Another takes 9 shots in quick succession and combines them into a montage, photo booth-style. Glamour modes let you touch up or hide any natural skin blemishes, and there's a selective softening mode to help fake the bokeh this camera isn't capable of producing on its own.

No, you won't see professional photographers buying the Coolpix S6900. But Nikon's hoping that the selfie-friendly features, NFC pairing, and easy Wi-Fi sharing should appeal to plenty of consumers. If you ask us, it's unlikely that selfie addicts will put down their very capable phones anytime soon. Smartphone makers are determined not to let it happen, but apparently camera manufacturers still see an opportunity. Nikon's probably facing an uphill battle, if we're being honest. The Coolpix S6900 is scheduled to go on sale September 23rd for £199.99 / 249 euros.