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Spies spot a black X-Wing on the 'Star Wars: Episode VII' set

Spies spot a black X-Wing on the 'Star Wars: Episode VII' set

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Star Wars' most iconic ships were pictured in the English countryside earlier this week, when engineer Matthew Myatt accidentally snapped images of Episode VII's British set while taking aerial photos for the flying school he works for. A half-built Millennium Falcon was obvious, but just to the side sat what appeared to be an X-Wing, under cover from the elements.

Now, thanks to drone photographers who provided their images to the Latino Review, we've seen under those covers. The pictures show a departure from the original trilogy — where Luke, Wedge, and Red Squadron's X-Wings were all decked out in a uniform gray and red color scheme, at least one of Episode VII's X-Wings will be painted black.


There haven't been many matte black spacecraft in the Star Wars expanded universe. That's probably sensible given that that snubfighters such as the X-Wing are expected to fly in close formation, a task made trickier when your wingmate is functionally invisible against the inky blackness of space. Still, the new X-Wing cuts a sleek and dangerous shape on the ground, and the Latino Review reports one of movie's lead characters will be flying the ship in the final cut.