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GIF keyboards are now available on iOS 8 because Nicolas Cage GIFs are better than words

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Some things are better said with a GIF.

What a gorgeous day it is:

nicolas cage breeze gif


nicolas cage laugh gif

Damn, I dodged a bullet today on that exam:

nicolas cage dodge

This habanero hot sauce is threatening my life:

nicolas cage burning gif

Fortunately for you, iOS 8 lets you install your own custom keyboards like PopKey, which lets you search for and paste in GIFs by keyword — and right inside your favorite messaging app. PopKey will include thousands of GIFs, but you will also be able to upload your own if you so choose. Note: If you want to stop GIFs from clogging up your iPhone's memory, head over to Settings, then Messages, and set your phone to purge messages after a month or a year.

May the Cage be with you.