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Oculus VR CEO and his mother donate over $30 million to University of Maryland

Oculus VR CEO and his mother donate over $30 million to University of Maryland


Largest donation in the university's history

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Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe isn't just sitting on all the cash he made from Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of his virtual reality startup. Instead, he's donating a cool $31 million to his alma matter the University of Maryland, the largest singular donation in the school's history. The money will be used to fund a scholarship and the construction of a new computer science building named after Iribe, The Associated Press reports. If that weren't enough, Iribe's mother is donating $3 million of her own to the school, and Oculus VR cofounder and fellow alumnus Michael Antonov is kicking in a not-too-shabby $4 million of his own.

When completed, The Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Innovation will of course include a large area for research on virtual reality, along with equipment for 3D printing and robotics research. Iribe told Gamesbeat that he was inspired to donate the money after seeing the shabby conditions of the school's current computer science center, constructed in 1987, and by the example of his boss, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has given millions to education and healthcare through various philanthropic endeavors of his own. Whatever comes of Facebook's Oculus acquisition, it's clear Iribe and his fellow donors don't want to wait to positively impact the field of computer science.