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Zack Snyder is mashing up Star Wars and Batman on Twitter

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Zack Snyder (Twitter)

"I feel like my movies have always been very subversive, even when people haven't perceived how subversive they really are."
- Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder and JJ Abrams have a new joint crossover project. Or at least a Twitter collaboration. Or at least a handful of tweets photoshopping together the worlds of their big franchises Star Wars and Batman v. Superman. The latest of these is, as far as we and Batman News can tell, a response to unsubstantiated rumors that the Batmobile was stolen off the streets of Detroit. As a whole, they serve as a timely and subtle reminder of the fate that ultimately awaits every artist's work: subsumption into a vast geeky uberfranchise in which all stories are told within an undifferentiated framework of Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo, and possibly Doctor Who.