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Motorola Hint and Moto X go on preorder this Tuesday, Moto 360 will be back in stock

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Motorola had been pretty silent on when it would start accepting money for the new products it introduced earlier this month, but now we have some answers: the Her-like Hint along with two versions of the new Moto X — the AT&T model and the Pure Edition — will go on pre-order this Tuesday, September 16th at noon ET. Additionally, the Turbo Charger, an accessory that promises 8 hours of battery life in 15 minutes, will go on sale for $34.99. Motorola isn't saying when any of these will ship, but that dates will be provided at checkout (the X is expected this month, while the Hint is coming later in the year).

Finally, Motorola will be replenishing stock of its Moto 360 smartwatch, which went missing mere minutes after first going on sale on September 5th. As before, the company's warning that stock will be limited — so if you want one, act fast on Tuesday.