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There’s a city in China with a special sidewalk lane for people on cellphones

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Guian Bolisay / Flickr

It's the first rule of phone-walking: the more you check your phone, the slower you're going to walk. So last week, the Chinese city of Chongqing divided its sidewalks into two lanes: one for walking, and one for cellphones. If you're going to stumble around while scrolling through Instagrams, you'll have to do it on the left-hand side.

It's a good idea, and it's not the first time a city has divided up its sidewalks into fast lanes and slow lanes. In July, Washington D.C. pulled a similar stunt to promote a National Geographic show. A few years before that, an artist named Jeff Greenspan divided New York's sidewalks into "Tourist" and "New Yorkers" lanes, assuming anyone from out of town would have trouble keeping up. But maybe if a New Yorker is checking his cell phone, it cancels out?