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Coca-Cola is bringing back the worst 1990s soda because the internet

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"It's a fully-loaded citrus soda with carbos"

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If you're old enough to remember the nineties, you might recall SURGE, Coca-Cola's "fully-loaded citrus soda with carbos." Internally, it was developed under the moniker "MDK," or "Mountain Dew Killer." Externally, it represented everything that was the nineties in the US — JNCOs, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, pogs, and Kenan & Kel are just slivers of nostalgia compared to Surge. Consequently, it also didn't last more than a couple years into the 2000s. Remember this?

Well, for better and for worse, Surge is back, thanks in part to an enthusiastic Facebook campaign "The Surge Movement." It's being sold exclusively through Amazon — $14 will get you a dozen 16-ounce cans, which equates to a dime for every shot of nostalgia.


The relevant Jurassic Park quote is, "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should."