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Play this: 'Boson X' is stylish platforming fun inside a particle accelerator

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'Super Hexagon' meets 'Canabalt,' now on Steam

Imagine if Canabalt were 3D and set inside Super Hexagon levels that are actually decagons. That's pretty much what you get with Boson X, a slick, addictive arcade game that's been on rotation on my iPhone since it came out last year. Players have to jump from platform to platform inside a particle accelerator, with a great risk-reward system where running on the blue panels gets you closer to finishing the level.

And today Australian indie studio Mu and Heyo has released a new $2.99 Steam edition for PC, Mac, and Linux with extra levels and characters. There's also a free PC version available, but whichever you end up playing, Boson X turns out to be as good on a 24-inch monitor as a 4-inch phone display.