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Misfit announces the Flash, a fitness and sleep tracker that's only $49.99

Misfit announces the Flash, a fitness and sleep tracker that's only $49.99

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Misfit's Shine wasn't our pick for best fitness tracker; Jawbone's Up24 is a better overall package and still leads the growing pack of competitors. But Misfit is today announcing its second wearable, the Flash, and is hoping to reach an even wider audience by pricing it super aggressively. It's $49.99 and will be available from retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart next month. The Flash is designed to do two things well: track your fitness and sleep habits. There's no screen anywhere — a design trait carried over from the Shine — and you interact with the device through Misfit's mobile app.

A round sequence of dots on the device tell you how you're doing each day in hitting your fitness goals. You can push it to check your status, and Flash also features a clock mode, though it still strikes us as a profoundly confusing way of keeping track of the time. Flash can be worn pretty much anywhere, and comes with a strap if the wrist is your preferred spot. Once it's set up, Flash will keep track of your steps, calories burned, distance you've walked in a day, and the quality of your sleeping each night. Misfit says it can also track cycling and swimming, something other trackers can sometimes struggle with. From a looks perspective, it shares a ton in common with Shine and will come in seven colors. Pre-orders start today.

Misfit Flash