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Netflix orders two seasons of a new Judd Apatow comedy before it's even created

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Andrew H. Walker

Netflix's summer shopping spree continues unabated. First the company picked up The Blacklist for a reported $2 million per episode. Then it did the same for Gotham — a show that hasn't even aired yet. Now, Big Red* has tapped comedy kingmaker Judd Apatow for a show it's so confident will do well, it's gone ahead and ordered two full seasons of a brand new original series.

Loveaccording to Variety**, stars Gillian Jacobs (Yahoo's Community) and Paul Rust (I Love You, Beth Cooper) as "a couple in the throes of experiencing the 'exhilarations and humiliations of intimacy, commitment, and other things they were hoping to avoid.'" Love is co-created by Rust, Apatow, and Lesley Arfin, whose past writing credits include Girls and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Brent Forrester (The Office, King of the Hill, Simpsons) is billed as producer along with the trio.

A two-season order is not without precedent. As Deadline notes, Netflix committed to two seasons of House of Cards immediately, the show that arguably kickstarted Netflix's original series run (sorry, Lilyhammer). Still, it's rare, and while no one seems to be talking money yet, we can only assume it was a fairly large sum.

Love is expected in 2016.***

Very Important Footnotes

* Dammit, I'm gonna make that name stick

** Love, According to Variety would make for a really good short story collection

*** So would this one