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Disney, Twitch, and iHeartRadio add support for Google's Chromecast

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Google's Chromecast is expanding its list of supported apps today, and the company is tackling vastly different demographics. First up is some kid-friendly content: a trio of Disney Channel apps (Watch Disney, Watch Disney Junior and Watch Disney XD) can now be streamed to your TV. Chromecast functionality is available on Disney's apps for both Android and iOS; just keep in mind you'll need cable credentials to watch live or recent programming. And then there's Twitch: Chromecast owners can now watch live gameplay streams on the big screen by casting Twitch from Chrome, Android, or iOS.

Chromecast also streams music, of course, and iHeartRadio is being added to the list of compatible apps as of today. We're still holding out for Spotify, but that dream is looking less and less likely with each passing day. Oh, and if you're really into foreign dramas, you might be interested to know that DramaFever — which streams over 15,000 episodes of Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Spanish and Latin American shows — is now Chromecast-compatible as well.