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It's time to add two-factor to your iCloud account

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Apple promised it would add two-factor protection to iCloud in the wake of celebgate, and those protections have finally arrived. Ars Technica is reporting that two-factor authentication is now active for iCloud logins as long as users have turned on the service. That update has broken many of the tools that were used in the celebgate attacks, including the Elcom Phone Password Breaker application tested by Ars. It's good news and a major step towards securing any important, private data held on iCloud.

It's also a very good reason to sign up for two-factor authentication, if you haven't already. Seriously; do it now. You can login to your Apple ID account, click on the "Password and Security" tab find the "Two-step verification" link, and be done in a couple of minutes. And in exchange for your hard work, you'll be safe from the increasingly common attacks that spill this stuff onto the open web. Apple has added other layers of security since the breach, but this is the biggest and most important one, and you have to pitch in to make it work. If you've got anything at all sensitive on iCloud, it's time to set this up.