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A man in a horse mask getting his head crushed is the least crazy thing about this kung-fu trailer

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Bloated martial arts flick 'The Iceman' cometh to Netflix this Thursday, September 18th

A legendary loyal solider is frozen in the war-stricken past and reawakened in the present to face his ultimate nemesis. Sound familiar? It should, because The Iceman — a Hong Kong martial arts flick that went grossly overbudget and bowed earlier this year to poor reviews — is actually a remake of a more beloved 1989 martial arts film called The Iceman Cometh (proving it's not just Hollywood that has a chronic remake/reboot addiction these days). But for all its faults, The Iceman (2014) surely doesn't get cold feet when it comes to staging elaborately cartoonish action sequences, including this midair fist bump.

Iceman fist bump GIF

Starring Hong Kong action icon Donnie Yen as the titular cold storage warrior (who bears no relation to the X-Men character of the same name, sorry), the movie even manages to weaponize a chopstick holder.

Pencil holder Iceman

Of utmost importance to the equine fiends of the internet, however, is the scene in which the Iceman gamely drops a horse-headed assailant.

Iceman horse head punch

All this and more are featured in the trailer Neflix posted today to announce the film's streaming availability beginning this Thursday, September 18th. Whatever you think of it, also recall it's not the only recent program on Netflix to prominently feature a horse.

Correction: I originally confused the chopstick holder for a pencil holder. The reference has since been corrected. Apologies for my ignorance.