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Samsung is making a musical sitcom about how cool it is to work there

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Can you sing the company anthem?

Korean dramas are becoming a worldwide phenomenon, and it looks like Samsung is cashing in on their popularity. As spotted by Business Insider, upcoming "musicom" Best Future will explore young people's dreams and challenges over the course of six 10-minute long episodes. The gorgeous cast will also be performing covers of popular '80s and '90s tunes.

In order to portray the "real" Samsung, the series will be shot at company offices in both Seoul and Suwon Digital City. The idea behind Best Future is to weave a tale about work, life, and relationships that those in their 20s and 30s can sympathize with, and to tempt prospective employees into working with Samsung. Amazingly, this is actually the company's second foray into the world of sitcoms, the previous being an attempt to showcase the technology giant's recruiting ideologies.