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Kindle Voyage leaks on Amazon with a new way to turn pages

Kindle Voyage leaks on Amazon with a new way to turn pages

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Amazon appears to be preparing to launch new Kindles. Several listings spotted on the German version of Amazon show a new "Kindle Voyage" e-reader with a 6-inch high-resolution display (300 ppi) and a release date of November 4th. An image of the Kindle Voyage has been unearthed from a user manual by allesebook, and the specifications suggest it will have a new page press sensor to turn pages by pressing lightly on the bezel, alongside "intelligent front lighting."

Kindle Voyage (user manual)

While Amazon has quickly removed the German listings, it appears the new Kindle Voyage will ship in 3G and Wi-Fi versions. Amazon Japan (Google cache) lists the new e-readers as 8mm in thickness and 186g in weight, meaning the Voyage will be a lot thinner and lighter than the Paperwhite. It’s not clear from the listings whether the Kindle Voyage will replace the Paperwhite or simply launch as a high-end e-reader in the range. Amazon lists the Kindle Voyage at 189 euro, and the 3G version at 249 euro, both are an increase on the 109 euro price of the Kindle Paperwhite and the 169 euro 3G version.

We’ve reached out to Amazon to comment on the Kindle Voyage, and we’ll update you accordingly.

Update (08:50AM ET): article updated to include a leaked image of the Kindle Voyage from its user manual.

Update (09:15PM ET): Leak confirmed; read more and watch The Verge's hands-on with the Kindle Voyage