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Why are people still going crazy for music CDs in Japan?

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CD sales have been dropping for a long time now across the globe, but that's not the case absolutely everywhere. In a look at Japan's struggle to move over to digital mediaThe New York Times reports that CDs still account for 85 percent of music sales in the country. It's a startling statistic given the drive toward digital downloads and streaming services elsewhere in the world — not to mention the general impression that Japan has been quick to adopt new technology.

To some extent, digital adoption has been stymied by its music industry's reluctance to license for digital. And counteracting that, CD sales have also been bolstered by fan competitions that encourage people to buy multiple copies of the same CDs. That also means that CD sales are huge for a specific niche of music listeners — particularly fans of J-pop groups like AKB48 — and that they don't necessarily represent the country's standard way of listening. We took a deeper look at Japan's struggle to dive into digital music (and movies) back in 2012, and if you're curious about this new statistic, you should definitely check it out for more on why the country is still stuck on physical tech.