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Scenes from our time with the iPhone 6

This is what life looks like with Apple's latest smartphone

The iPhone 6 is the best iPhone yet. For many people, it's the best smartphone on the market. It has a bigger screen, a faster processor, a better camera, and a lot of new software. But it is, in every way, still an iPhone.

We've been using the iPhone 6 ever since Apple announced it, testing to see how the latest device from Cupertino compares to the best of its competitors, from the HTC One to the new Moto X. Read our full review for all the details on how the iPhone 6 stacks up, but odds are you have one big question off the bat: how big is it really?

Well, it's big. But not too big. And the tradeoffs are worth it to get everything a bigger screen offers. And to give you an even better sense of how the iPhone 6 might fit into your life, here are a few scenes from our time with Apple's latest and greatest smartphone.

Photos by Michael Shane


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