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A week with the iPhone 6 Plus, in photos

Apple's big phone, up close and personal

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Apple makes a big phone now. A really big phone. The iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen that feels positively gigantic next to any smartphone ever to come out of Cupertino. But what you get in exchange for looking a little bit insane with it held to your ear is a device with the potential to become a totally new kind of Apple computer, a hybrid that might for some people replace a tablet and a laptop.

We've spent a week with the iPhone 6 Plus. We've been watching football, taking pictures, going to weddings, making phone calls, sending strange auto-predicted text messages, and more, all to see how the Apple phablet performs. Read our full review for all the details, but here's the rub: when Apple irons out some of the software kinks, 5.5 inches might be the future of the iPhone, full stop.

But yeah, it's big. It's huge. Here, below, see just how big – and see how we did trying to fit a big iPhone into our lives.

Photos by Michael Shane