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    The world's ugliest concept car sleeps a whole family

    The world's ugliest concept car sleeps a whole family

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    Concept cars are usually nothing but a giant tease for people with at least a passing interest in automobiles, glimpses of what car manufacturers would be willing to make if they didn't have to sell one design to hundreds of thousands of people. They're like your daily school lunch; tantalizing in theory, but ultimately disappointing when the "lasagna" you started drooling over as you got in line ends up looking more like it came off of a bomb shelter supply shelf by the time it's slopped onto your worn-out plastic tray.

    That's why it's sort of refreshing that this concept motorhome called the Skydancer Road Yacht (or Skydancer 7.5, for the 7.5 tons it packs in its bulky frame) is so bluntly unattractive. It's based on a Mercedes cargo truck line, and looks like something the Top Gear guys had to create for one of their absurd mid-episode challenges. There's almost nothing about it — the space for a bed, bath, and shower, the military green paint, the convertible roof — that makes you wish you could buy such a cumbersome four-wheeled monstrosity. Yet, it's hard not to want a tour and maybe a test drive of the thing. It's just so callously big, and in case you've been living under a rock (or the Skydancer), big is in right now.

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