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Nintendo is determined to beat 'Space Jam' for oldest looking website on the internet

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Browse like it's 1996

Nintendo makes some amazing games, but it also often feels like a company stuck in the past. Its approach to online gaming is archaic by modern standards — ask anyone who's ever tried to exchange a Friend Code — and, unlike Sony and Microsoft, the company has little interest in courting smaller, independent developers. Few things exemplify this side of Nintendo like, a charming little "software development support group" that looks ripped straight out of 1996.

It may look like it was made by a fan, but it's a real functioning site operated by Nintendo of America. Wario World is a place where developers and publishers can learn more about working with the company, and it's just about the most Nintendo thing ever, complete with an image of Wario flexing and fonts that wouldn't look out of place on a Geocities page. It even features a picture of a Gamecube controller — a console that launched more than a decade ago — despite offering applications to develop Wii U and 3DS games.

At least the Space Jam site finally has some company.