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Anki Drive drops price of its racing game and announces Android app

Anki Drive drops price of its racing game and announces Android app


Plus a new expansion car and team racing mode for the holidays

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Anki Drive, the robot racing game that launched just under a year ago, is dropping its prices ahead of the holidays. The starter kit, which includes a race track and two toy cars enhanced by artificial intelligence, is now $149 , down from $199. Expansion cars continue to cost $69.99, and the company is selling a new one for the holidays: Spektrix, a "trickster" car whose weapon scrambles the traffic in front of it.


Anki is also announcing that the game will be playable on Android for the first time when an app for that platform becomes available some time in October. As on iOS, you'll use the free Android app to control your vehicle and deploy weapons against your opponents. There's a catch, though: in a multiplayer game, all players need to be using the same platform. So you can play an iOS game or an Android game, but not a mixed game. The company says they're working to fix this over time.

In the meantime, there are a couple new game modes to explore. A team mode will let you play 2-on-2 or 3-on-1 challenges with friends. And a "balanced" mode will handicap your car if you want to even your odds against newer players. The new, lower-priced Anki is on sale today at and will be coming to Amazon, Best Buy, and other retailers within the next couple days.