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BlackBerry has yet another Porsche Design smartphone coming next month

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The P'9983 is the smartphone that thinks it's a car

BlackBerry is launching its next Porsche Design-branded smartphone, the P'9983, in October. Unlike the P'9982, its Porsche-emblazoned predecessor, the new P'9983 has a QWERTY keyboard — but just like a real Porsche, the P'9983 will likely be sold at a monumental markup.


The P'9983 has a 3.1-inch screen, 720 x 720 resolution display, and 64GB of internal storage. In an attempt to live up to its luxury branding, BlackBerry has used costly sapphire glass for the P'9983 — but only for the phone's pea-sized camera lens, not its display.

It also has its own PIN ID group, meaning fellow BlackBerry users can identify the person in the room they should be pointing and laughing at. BlackBerry hasn't set a price for the new model, but previous phones in the weirdly named series cost more than $2,000 when they launched. Expect the P'9983 to cost similar.