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Amazon beats Google to purchase .buy domain for $4.6 million

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Amazon might not be able to create its own .amazon domain, but that’s not stopping the online retail giant from securing the .buy domain instead. Amazon is paying nearly $4.6 million for the top-level .Buy domain, beating a bid by Google. A similar auction for the .tech generic top-level domain (gTLD) saw it fetch $6.7 million from Dot Tech LLC, a group set up to create an online environment for the technology industry as a whole. Google also reportedly lost out on the .tech domain, but it will have plenty of opportunities to secure others thanks to its interest in more than 100 top-level domains.

The .vip domain was also sold as part of the recent auction, and Irish domain resellers Minds + Machines secured it for just over $3 million. All three top-level domains mean the relevant owners are in charge of registering and maintaining any additional domain registrations. It does mean Amazon could easily secure to sit alongside its collection of,, and, but it hasn't secured the relevant .horse equivalents so it's clearly not interested in every single anti-Amazon domain.