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Introducing the Transportation forum

Introducing the Transportation forum

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Dear Verge readers,

I have a confession: I spend most of my day with a GIF of a sick slow-motion burnout playing in my head, looping ad nauseam. It’s glorious. This has been happening continually for about 20 years, and I don’t anticipate it stopping any time soon. (If we’re ever in conversation and it looks like I’m listening to you, I’m afraid not; I’m actually watching a Dodge Challenger light up some blacktop.)

Burnout gif An exclusive look at the inside of my brain. (Tony St. Angelo / YouTube)

What I’m getting at is that I celebrate transportation in all its forms. I’ve long held that cars are the biggest gadgets — the biggest objects borne of technology — that most of us will ever own. They’re cultural phenomena. They cultivate trollish fangirl and fanboy wars as big as the most annoying Apple-versus-Google thread you’ll ever find. We study their design with encyclopedic zeal. We personalize them, make them ours. Some of us give them names and treat them like family members.

I want planes, trains, and automobiles (and boats and hovercraft, I suppose — oh, and hyperloops!) to be a part of the conversation here at The Verge. We’re going to make that happen. It starts with the launch of a new forum, Transportation, which I’d like you to use to tell me all about that insane Corvette diesel conversion you’re working on in your spare time. I’ll be an active participant over there, but it doesn’t end with a forum: we have big ideas ahead. As we like to say around here, keep it locked.

May the sick burnout loop forever in your mind, friends.