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More for less: the first app bundles are arriving on iOS

More for less: the first app bundles are arriving on iOS

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For the first time, iOS users can now purchase bundles that include multiple apps for a single, reduced price. The feature was announced back at WWDC, and with yesterday's launch of iOS 8, the first bundles are already appearing in the App Store. They cover everything from games to productivity to fitness, and should give new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners a way to quickly fill up their app catalog starting tomorrow. Want to catch up on Angry Birds in a hurry? $1.99. Gameloft's entire Modern Combat series is a bit pricier at $9.99.

Bundles can be cheaper (or even free) depending on if you already own a packaged-in app. You can find out what you'd normally pay buying everything separately below the bundle price. Often you'll save only a buck or two, but sometimes there are better deals to be found. Runtastic's Cardio Pack would cost $15.95 if you were to split it up, but everything's $7.99 if you buy all at once. And you can get both How To Cook Everything apps (one for meat lovers and the other for vegetarians) for $14.99 instead of $20.

It'll be interesting to see which developers and apps choose to embrace the bundle model; presumably some will still prefer to go it alone from a business perspective. To take a look at what's out there so far, just open the App Store, as it's impossible to miss the banner showcasing these initial offerings.