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Millennium Falcon revealed in 'Star Wars: Episode VII,' with a Batmobile on board

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Finally, the Star Wars footage you've been waiting for... or maybe not. Episode VII director J.J. Abrams is giving fans a huge tease of the return of the Millennium Falcon, but all isn't exactly as it appears. The clip is actually a surprising mashup of Star Wars and Batman. Zack Snyder, who's directing Batman v. Superman, has been mashing up the two films on Twitter for a few months now, and now Abrams' production company is finally responding with an elaborate mashup of its own. Let's just say that what follows is one of the last things we'd expect to see on the underside of the Falcon.

This teaser also plays into the way that Abrams has been revealing Star Wars details since the shoot began. Abrams' production company has made a habit of tweeting out photos of handwritten notes, but those notes have been placed against familiar backgrounds — including some that looked like they came from the Falcon and the Death Star. His other big reveal was in a video promoting the Force for Change charity event, which slowly zoomed out to reveal that Abrams was standing beside an X-Wing. The film is planned for a release on December 18th, 2015.