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Let's make a 3D-printed Aziz Ansari Iron Man action figure happen

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"Stark & Recreation"

This weekend, a handful of Walmarts and Sam's Clubs nationwide will set up kiosks where you can get your face scanned and 3D-printed on a Marvel superhero. This is the moment I've been waiting for. Flash back to 15 months ago in downtown New York City, to this beautiful, beautiful picture of It's Aziz Ansari as Iron Man (tagline: Stark & Recreation) signed by street artist Hanksy (as in, a cross between Banksy and Tom Hanks).

So now, putting the two ideas together, I think there's a chance to make history. Let's make Stark & Recreation happen.

If you or someone you love knows Aziz Ansari, please get him this weekend to the nearest participating retailer so that we can start the process of birthing an Aziz Ansari Iron Man action figure. (There's a Sam's Club in Fountain Valley, CA just outside of Los Angeles.) And if he's busy, what about Nasim Pedrad?

We as a culture need this.

Okay, maybe just me. I need this.

Let's make it happen.