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The Home Depot says that up to 56 million credit cards may be at risk from hacker attack

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It's been a few weeks since home goods retailer The Home Depot confirmed that it was the victim of a hacker attack that potentially put customer credit card information at risk, and now the company is admitting just how big that breach was. According to a new press release issued today, approximately 56 million credit cards may have been compromised, even more than the 40 million that were accessed in the attack on Target last year.

The Home Depot's investigation shows that the attack took place between April and September of this year and that it was the result of some "custom" malware that The Home Depot's security partners say had never been used before. The company also noted that shoppers on its website were safe — the malware in this attack was embedded in the company's in-store payment systems. However, Home Depot also notes that no debit pard PIN numbers were accessed.

As is often the case in these major hacks that are becoming increasingly common, The Home Depot will be offering free credit-monitoring services for anyone who shopped in a Home Depot store and used a credit or debit card from April 2014 forward.