New trailers: 'Big Eyes,' 'A Most Violent Year,' 'Red Army,' and more


Here's what's on the table this week: Tim Burton, Neil Patrick Harris, Beyoncé and Jay Z, and a whole lot more. We've rounded up 11 trailers from the past week that are worth watching — you can dive in below.

Big Eyes

This really isn't the type of movie that you expect from Tim Burton. Big Eyes is based on the story of artist Walter Keane, who became famous by taking credit for his wife's paintings. The story may not be a traditional Burton tale, but it looks like Burton still makes it his own with a heavy emphasis on color and some weird effects. It opens this Christmas.

Listen Up Philip

This one is for the Jason Schwartzman fans out there. Listen Up Philip has Schwartzman playing a self-obsessed writer and just generally doing his dry, snarky thing. You kind of feel compelled to hate him, but in the absolute best way possible.

Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

Okay, I cheated: this is actually a book trailer. Now, I know that book trailers are usually terrible, but that is so far from the case here. So click play, and let Neil Patrick Harris entertain you for a few minutes. His autobiography comes out October 14th.

Men, Women & Children

The first trailer for Men, Women & Children wowed us without any words — this second trailer actually introduces us to some of its characters, and it's all the more impressive for it. The film follows a world of confused parents and teens, all lost in technology and none truly understanding how to connect with each other. It opens in wide release on October 17th.

On The Run

We know what you're doing this weekend. Beyoncé and Jay Z's concert documentary airs on HBO this Saturday at 9PM.

Effie Gray

Emma Thompson wrote (and costars in) Effie Gray, a Victorian love story about a woman in an unconsummated marriage who begins to fall for another man. It's based on a true story that's been dramatized many times before, but this latest adaptation looks like it'll be a beautiful and moody take.

A Most Violent Year

A thriller set during a year of heavy crime in New York, A Most Violent Year focuses on an immigrant trying to get by through what appears to be some illicit means. This trailer doesn't reveal much, except that this film looks like it should be seriously tense. It's out on December 31st.

Low Down

Low Down is a biopic of jazz pianist Joe Albany, telling the story of his drug addiction and his relationship with his daughter. Albany may not be the best known jazz musician out there, but that might be a good thing for the sake of the film: Low Down appears to be more about character than about accomplishment. It'll have a limited release beginning October 24th. (And, by the way, check out that cast!)

Red Army

A look at Soviet ice hockey during the Cold War, the documentary Red Army tells the story of the so-called Red Army team and the tense political culture around it. It'll be released on January 22nd.

Feast of Friends

Back in 1968, The Doors tried to make a movie about themselves, but it never quite panned out. Its footage has made its way out here and there, but the film is only now getting a proper release. It's been remastered and it's headed to DVD and Blu-ray on November 10th, with a digital release to follow.

John Wick

This came out last Friday, after our last trailer roundup went up, and it was just too good not to include. John Wick looks like the kind of insane, over-the-top action movie that Keanu Reeves loves to find himself in — and that we kind of love to oblige him in seeing.