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Desktop Linux is finally getting Netflix support

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While Linux now underpins a great deal in the tech world — including the Roku and, most crucially, Android — desktop Linux to this day exists in a quiet cul-de-sac where the command line is still the preferred UI. As such, users running the likes of Ubuntu and Arch Linux have had more ready access to streaming content on their phones and TVs than on their computers. But now, after seven long years, Netflix is finally and officially making its way to Linux.

Netflix senior software engineer Paul Adolph wrote on the Ubuntu forums last night that devices running the latest version of the NSS security libraries will be able to run Netflix in Chrome without changing their browser's user-agent. The change occurs as Netflix moves away from Silverlight in favor of HTML5. This means that, going forward, users no matter what the distro will likely just need to update Chrome and their security plugins to take advantage of the change. But will the charge for Linux to win the desktop begin anew?