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Reddit's new official app is the best way to read AMAs

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Out on iOS now, Android later this week

Reddit's AMA (Ask Me Anything) section is one of the most popular areas of the site, but the Q&As themselves can be a little difficult to read — not every question gets answered, other users jump in with their own thoughts, and threads can quickly balloon out of control. Now Reddit has addressed the issue by releasing a free mobile app that streamlines the reading process and makes for a much better experience overall.

The AMA app lets you filter out questions that weren't replied to by the (often celebrity) thread starter, meaning you can read the whole thing more or less as a straight interview. The app also helps you ask questions of your own, and has features to highlight trending AMAs or those in a given category. "We want to make it easier for new users to join Reddit and experience all the awesome content," senior VP Ellen Pao tells Variety. "That’s part of the overall goal of becoming a more mature company."

The AMA app is out on iPhone right now, and will be available for Android later this week, according to Variety.