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Samsung releasing a curved soundbar to match its curved TV

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If the living room is designed around the TV, what happens when the TV changes from a flat box to a curved one? Clearly, everything else is going to have to curve to accommodate it, and fortunately Samsung is ready to help out. Samsung is releasing a curved soundbar this week that's designed to sit beneath and perfectly match any of its large, curved TVs. Called the HW-H7500 Curved Soundbar, it includes 8.1 channels is going on sale for $799.99. It's actually kind of stylish, but you'll probably have trouble finding other curved accessories to match. As far as soundbars go, Samsung says that this is the first one built with a curve.

Alongside the soundbar, Samsung is also introducing a small wireless speaker called the Shape M3, which is part of its multi-room audio setup designed to take on Sonos. It's available for $199.99.