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Listen 2 Prince: two brand new songs now available for streaming

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A little over a year ago, Prince gave up his war on the internet and joined Twitter by way of his band 3rd Eye Girl. A few months later, he brought the Dave Chappelle basketball-and-pancakes sketch full circle. In March 2014, he joined Instagram. It was epic. That month he also released a duet with Zooey Deschanel, which premiered on New Girl after the Super Bowl.

Today, Prince has released two new aural sex experiences, which we call "songs" for lack of a better term. The first, "U Know," is from his upcoming solo album Art Official Age. Listen to it above. The second, "Whitecaps," is a more 3rd Eye Girl-centric track for their upcoming album Plectrumelectrum. Both albums are due out September 30th.