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Netflix has bought the rights to 'Gotham' before the show has even premiered

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Netflix is getting very, very aggressive with its streaming deals. After picking up The Blacklist for a reported $2 million per episode, Netflix now has the rights to the upcoming TV show / Batman prequel Gotham before the show has even aired its first episode.

According to Deadline, the deal between Netflix and Warner Bros. spans all Netflix territories (both present and future) and was "put in motion" soon after a successful May screening of the pilot in Los Angeles (our own take on the pilot wasn't quite as glowing). Each season will be made available after its broadcast run, which for the US could mean September 2015. Deadline says it's hearing $1.75 million per episode of Gotham, which isn't quite Blacklist money, but again... the show hasn't even aired yet. Which, if you're wondering, is September 22nd.

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