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Google is no longer forcing new users into making Google+ accounts

Google is no longer forcing new users into making Google+ accounts

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Google has lifted its requirement that new Google users also create a Google+ account, Marketing Land reports. When you sign up for a Gmail, Google Docs, or other Google account, a new "No thanks" button lets you opt out of Google's social network.


Image via Marketing Land

Creating a Google+ account was never that much of a pain anyway, but lifting the requirement signals that Google is less committed than it once was when it comes to force-feeding Google+ to its users. And this is only the latest indication. In July, Google stopped forcing Google+ users to use their real names. In April, we reported that Google was doing away with its Sign In with Google+ buttons in favor of a more straightforward Sign In The Google button. Most recently, in August Bloomberg reported that Google was spinning out Google+ Photos, the social network's best feature, into its own service.

Google hasn't made any official announcements about the state of Google+, but the company's enthusiasm for the product seems to be fading. Google+ boss Vic Gundotra either left or was fired last April — since then, Google+ hasn't really been the same. And now, Google+ will likely see far fewer new user signups.