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Pebble update adds emoji, compass, and better notifications for iOS

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2014 is the year of the emoji. Within the last year we've seen an emoji social networkemoji on Twitteremoji music videos, and even an emoji city. And now, emoji is on your Pebble smartwatch. The feature comes as part of firmware 2.5,which you can install today. The new firmware also includes iOS 8 compatibility and a compass feature that lets developers create navigation apps of their own. In fact, there are already a couple to try, like Compass By Pebble and Where To? for iOS.

Last, but certainly not least, firmware 2.5 brings better notifications support for iOS users. Now, when you dismiss a notification on Pebble, it will also disappear from your iPhone or iPad's notification center. It's a huge addition that instantly makes Pebble a much better product. The company says a similar addition is coming to Android soon.