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Examples of Microsoft Services working together


I thought it would be interesting to hear your experiences of Microsoft services working together across various devices, systems, etc., especially in cases when you did not know such functionality existed.

One example that really blew me away happened a few weeks ago. Launched IE, which took me to the Bing homepage. I noticed a trending topic at the bottom of the page with a picture of Katy Perry and a caption "Dark Horse lawsuit". I clicked on it and the main "card" at the top of the results page provided a brief headline on how the track might have illegally sampled another song. Right below it, to my amazement, was a button to listen to both songs embedded in the search results page, powered by Xbox Music with a caption of "You be the judge". I know it's kind of a silly example, but I thought it was an awesome glimpse at Microsoft's potential to continue leveraging the interconnectedness of all of their services, especially those with some sort of Bing backend.