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You can now stream all of Aphex Twin's new album Syro

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Octavio Ruiz Cervera / Flickr
Octavio Ruiz Cervera / Flickr
Octavio Ruiz Cervera / Flickr

Syro, the first full-length album from British electronic artist Aphex Twin since 2001's Drukqs, is streaming online and available to buy two days before its scheduled release.

It looks like the days of lying low are over for Aphex Twin, whose real name is Richard James. The artist has been teasing the album with a track listing released via the deep weba blimp, and now a rare interview with Pitchfork. "It can be quite impenetrable for most people, because you can't latch on to something," James says of the songs' shifting structures. "It sounds quite random at first."

The album is also streaming on Spotify in the UK.