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'South Park' goes on the offensive against the Washington Redskins

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Show calls out racist name in season premiere

When the US patent office cancelled the Washington Redskins trademark earlier this year in a bid to force the team to change its offensive name and logo, it made it much easier for other people to use the organization's branding to advertise their own products or services. The latest person to do just that is a fat little animated ten-year-old named Eric Cartman.

South Park has sent the infamous Cartman out to satirize team owner Dan Snyder's repeated arguments that the "Redskins" moniker is not offensive. In a short clip poste ahead of the start of the show's eighteenth season on Wednesday, Snyder comes to Cartman's office to argue that by calling a new company "The Washington Redskins," he's being derogatory to the team's owners. Cartman parrots Snyder's real life arguments right back to him, saying he chose to use the name out of "deep appreciation for your team, and your people."