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Joseph Gordon-Levitt may star as Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone film

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If all goes according to plan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will portray Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone's upcoming The Snowden Files. Stone has already offered the lead role to Gordon-Levitt, according to Variety, and the actor has agreed to star as the NSA whistleblower. Negotiations haven't formally kicked off, so it's not yet a done deal in that sense, but it sounds like the two Hollywood talents are eager to work together on the project. Stone is writing and directing The Snowden Files, and has optioned two books on Snowden's story as source material. Its title is borrowed from a book by The Guardian's Luke Harding, and Stone has also locked down screen rights to Time of the Octopus, written by Snowden’s lawyer Anatoly Kucherena.

Snowden entered the public eye last year when he leaked classified National Security Agency documents that offered a startling look at the scope of mass surveillance and data collection efforts by the United States government. The ramifications of those disclosures are still being felt across the globe, and Snowden remains under asylum in Russia. Stone's movie is slated to enter production later this year or early next; before that hits theaters, Gordon-Levitt (The Dark Knight Rises, Looper, Don Jon) will play Philippe Petit, the high wire artist who famously crossed between the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in 1974, in Robert Zemeckis' The Walk.