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Someone used EA's GIF maker to create an insane karaoke video

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Finally, something that combines dancing football players and Evanescence

I don't like the NFL, Evanescence and trendy marketing stunts. But I love football, GIFs and bizarre YouTube videos. That's why I'm torn over this Evanescence lyric music video, constructed entirely with GIFs created in EA Sports' Madden GIFERATOR.

The creation is shameless marketing for Madden 15 and an endorsement of nutrition-free pop rock. It's also so weird and charming and oh come on, how I could I not love this? Every component is tacky on its own, but when combined, the package transcends the individual elements and becomes art.

Video games are art, you see. And so are GIF-centric pop rock music videos starring digital representations of the world's best professional football players.