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Microsoft hopes an incredibly cute cat video will convince you to buy its phone

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Microsoft let the catz out of the bag

A list of questions I have about this cat video, created by Mia Mullarkey for a Microsoft social media contest meant to advertise the Lumia 930:

  • How do these cats button their shirts?
  • Who are we to believe filmed this video, a cat?
  • Why do cats use military time?
  • Is Cat English different than Human English?
  • And if so, does Cat English use the letter -z in place of the letter -s, similar to the way British English makes excessive use of the letter -u?
  • Are these cats bad parents? They spend most of their time talking about the kittens, but not actually engaging the kittens in a productive or nurturing manner.
  • Most importantly, is a cat video  — sorry, a "catz" video — enough to convince you to buy a Windows Phone?

Update: Initially the article said Microsoft created the video. To clarify, Mia Mullarkey created the video for the Social Media Week contest in partnership with Microsoft.