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Radiohead's Thom Yorke teases his fanbase with photo of mysterious white vinyl record

Radiohead's Thom Yorke teases his fanbase with photo of mysterious white vinyl record


What are you telling us, Thom?

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Radiohead has been largely dormant since releasing The King of Limbs in 2011, but signs are starting to gather that the band will be back in action soon. A few weeks ago, Radiohead's app for iOS and Android was updated with some new music — and now Consequence of Sound has noticed that frontman Thom Yorke today tweeted a link to his Tumblr, showing off an image of a plain white piece of vinyl playing.

Of course, Radiohead's fanbase has since sprung into action theorizing what, if anything, Yorke is trying to convey with the image. Because of the fact that Radiohead reportedly has just started making its new album, this probably isn't a tease that the album is being pressed quite yet. It's possible that the record could contain new music directly from Yorke (or his second band Atoms for Peace) — in the background of the image, you can see artwork that looks very similar to the cover of Yorke's 2006 album The Eraser.

Further backing up that possibility is the fact that producer, musician, and Atoms For Peace member Nigel Godrich also tweeted a link to Yorke's picture. Mudding those waters is the fact that Godrich has also produced all but one of Radiohead's albums — so there's really no way to decipher what exactly is going on here. Furthermore, the record's label bears some resemblance to the graphics seen in the band's recently-updated app, leading some to speculate that the record is a pressing of the new music released through the app. At the end of the day, it could just be a fancy piece of vinyl that Yorke wanted to show off. But given Yorke's propensity for surprising his fanbase, we wouldn't be surprised to learn more about this mystery soon.