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Nearly half of active iPhones and iPads are already running iOS 8

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Apple's developer support page has revealed the rapid pace at which iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch music players have been upgraded to the latest iOS software. Having been made available to download on Wednesday, by Sunday iOS 8 had already been installed on some 46 percent of devices connecting to Apple's App Store. This comes at a time when the 10-month-old Android KitKat is still working its way toward the 25 percent mark.

The relatively quick transition isn't out of character for Apple's devices and compares favorably to Google's efforts, however it hasn't been entirely painless. Many people were unhappily surprised by the large amount of free space that the new upgrade required, and there remains a swathe of important and prominent apps in need of an update to make them work properly with the new iOS. To that point, Apple's numbers show it's struggling with its app review process, with only 53 of new app submissions and 74 percent of updates being fully reviewed last week.